Sri Lanka Chauffeur

For all it's beauty, Sri Lanka is a country best seen in the comfort and security of a professional and experienced chauffeur. This page discusses the benefits of the chauffeur service I offer.


The diversity and beauty of Sri Lanka is best enjoyed in the company of a professional chauffeur and guide. My chauffeurs are trained to know the safest and most beautiful routes to take throughout Sri Lanka, whilst always highlighting places of interest.

Sri Lanka has a somewhat unique interpretation of the traffic rules, which most visitors from western cultures would almost certainly struggle with. For your own safety as much as anything else, it is strongly advised that you make use of a professional chauffeur when you visit Sri Lanka.

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Your safety is of paramount importance. No decision taken by the chauffeur is taken without keeping your safety in mind, from which roads to take or local activities to avoid, your chauffeur will make sure that your Sri Lankan experience is a safe one.

Cars & Drivers

My chauffeurs all have at least 15 years of experience, and are trained as both tour guide and driver. Each of them possess a wealth of local knowledge, so as well as driving you through your tour itinerary, they will also talk you through a little bit of the history of the area you are traveling through, and offer advice on how best to enjoy the areas you travel to.


I know a big part of choosing a tour operator is trust. In addition to the many recommendations you can read on my guestbook, I am extremely proud to inform you that myself and all my chauffeurs have a special licence from the board of tourism, which allows us to operate as both tour operator and guides. These licenses are hard earned, and it is rare for any tour operator to have each and every driver certified. I believe these certificates are extremely important, as beyond my words, they prove that we have the necessary experience, training and qualifications to ensure that every aspect of your holiday is the best it can be.

sri I treat my customers as friends and guests.

Many people who travel to Asian countries are becoming increasingly concerned that the staff they encounter are well treated. I am happy to assure you that I hold my drivers in the highest regard, and that all my drivers are taken very good care of. As you will see for yourself during your tour, my drivers have food and accommodation provided for them, and unlike other tour operators, my drivers are welcome to return home between tours. I also provide them with numerous company benefits, the details of which I will be happy to share with you, if this is an important part of your decision in choosing me as a tour provider.

All my chauffeurs are native to Sri Lanka, and as with most Sri Lankans, they take great pride in showing off the natural beauty of their home land. As native residents, they know the best places to go, the safest roads to get there, and of course, the hidden gems which larger tour operators brush over. Be it a pit-stop in the middle of the journey to taste some locally grown fruits, or a quick detour to a beautiful picnic spot for lunch, your chauffeur will constantly endeavour to surprise you with their local knowledge of the area.

As for the vehicles my chauffeurs drive, I have invested in three modern vehicles for my business, of which three are normal passenger cars and three are mini-vans which can hold up to six passengers. All the vehicles are well-maintained, and receive a thorough clean at the end of every day. Both the cars and vans come with air conditioning.

A commonly asked question, is if it is okay to bring children on tour with the chauffeur. I am happy to make it very clear, that children often come on tours as part of a family holiday, and are most welcome. My chauffeur will treat your children like the little guests they are. They will be friendly with them and find them little places and things of interest, so that they can enjoy their holiday as much as everyone else.


We calculate the price personally for each customer, so that you will always get the best price which is perfected for your journey.

For the car you pay with us only €60*, and the mini bus €60*, (this amount is based on a tour of 10 days or more, (for shorter trips and or day excursions different amounts apply), in this amount is, the car, fuel, air conditioning, insurance, driver / guide, etc., so all costs concerning the car or mini bus (you) and the driver / guide.

* We will always collect you from Colombo airport and bring you to your hotel in Negombo, and drop you back off on your last day. But if you hire the car or mini van for more than 10 days, this additional courtesy is provided for free.

I can arrange all hotels or guest rooms for your journey, or if you prefer, you have the option to book your own hotels. We will adjust your travel schedule accordingly without any trouble. However, please take into account that an extra cost of €6 will need to be added for the overnight stay of the driver when you book your own hotel. If you let me book the hotels whilst arranging your journey, then this cost is inclusive.


  • What language do your drivers speak?
  • Our drivers speak most local languages, as well as English.
  • How many years have you been a chauffeur?
  • I have worked as a chauffeur for over 18 years now. Before starting my own business, I worked for Negombo - Jetwing Blu Hotel Taxi service, which ensured I know the area very well.
  • Will our chauffeur be available to us 24/7?
  • Yes, apart from his normal chauffeur duties, your chauffeur will also accompany you during any sightseeing tours or activities, and stay in the same hotel as you. This ensures that we can constantly be on hand to advise, guide, help and accommodate you. We have arrangements in place with the hotels across Sri Lanka to ensure they take good care of you (and our chauffeurs).
  • Could you give me some details about your cars?
  • Yes, I have three cars and three vans, all modern, in excellent condition and with A/C.
  • Are your cars insured?
  • Yes, we are fully insured with passenger covering.
  • What qualifications do your drivers have?
  • All our drivers have over 15 years of experience, speak good English and are helpful and reliable. They are all qualified drivers and guides.